GeoGebra is Great!

I finally figured out how to post GeoGebra applets on Google Sites so that I can link to them from (which does not support them).

The greatest value of GeoGebra, or Geometer’s Sketchpad, or other such packages, in my eyes is their ability to help students dynamically visualize the effect each constant has on the graph of an equation. I find them an invaluable “thinking aid” as I ponder a new equation form, and they help me formulate my own answers to questions such as “why does it do that?”

Check out ones for Linear functions:

Quadratic functions:

Exponential and Logarithmic functions:

Rational functions:

Trigonometric functions:

4 thoughts on “GeoGebra is Great!”

    1. Yes! I have dabbled with it a bit, but have read a number of postings extolling its virtues while simultaneously wondering how to make best use of it in teaching.

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